The Specialist Membrane Range

Klober offers membranes with specialised qualities which have been specifically developed by Klober to meet specific requirements for more complex requirements

Date: 2023-06-06

Author: Klober

Category: Product Focus

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As part of the Klober Membrane Range offering, we offer membranes with specialised qualities which have been specifically developed by Klober to meet specific requirements of certain roofs and unique features for more complex requirements - these membranes are known as Klober’s Specialist Membrane Range…


Permo Forte 145
Extra Strength

Starting with Permo Forte 145, our toughest membrane with a built-in grid. This breathable membrane consists of four layers with a central reinforcing grid for additional strength. This makes Forte 145 particularly useful for a number of reasons. Firstly, it reduces the risk of annoying accidental nail-tears, due to the grid and its associated increased tensile strength. This also makes it an ideal solution for areas that are prone to more extreme weather conditions, as it is less likely to cause problems under windy conditions. The strength of Forte 145 also contributes to site safety as it reduces the potential risk of heavy tools or even roofers falling through the membrane, so is ideal for busy sites with more personnel, where safety is paramount.


Permo Air 160
Most Breathable

Next in the range we have Permo Air 160, our most breathable membrane - and the most breathable BBA approved membrane on the UK market today. Air 160 can save you time and money, and here’s how. Air 160 is not only a breathable membrane, but it’s an air-open membrane, meaning air AND vapour is able to pass freely through the membrane, offering unrivalled air movement and reduction of condensation in the roofspace. Due to its heightened ability to expel moisture from the roofspace, this makes Permo Air 160 exceptionally well suited for roofspaces prone to excess condensation buildup and for new build to support the drying out process. Air 160 is NHBC recognised as needing no additional ventilation such as tile vents, ridge and eaves ventilation - saving time on installation and the cost of additional components, and gives added design flexibility for a cleaner, contemporary roof.


Permo Extreme 200
Low Pitch Solution

Permo Extreme 200 is a membrane engineered for low pitch roofs. A non-permeable membrane, Extreme 200 is a great solution when the presence of first storey windows forces a low pitched roof, such as an extension, and is suitable to use on roofs as low as 12.5 degrees. Extreme also scores particularly well in the area of heat resistance. A special coating not only ensures high protection against water penetration, but also gives the fleece high resistance to extreme temperatures - and performs particularly well when installed under solar panels.


Permo Sec 400
Metal Roofs

For metal standing seam roofs, we have Permo Sec 400. With a breathable fleece and wire mesh, Sec 400 is a waterproofing and drainage layer for metal standing-seam roofs. The wire mesh works particularly well at creating a drainage channel for condensation run off, reducing the risk of white metal rust forming. The unique wire mesh also supports the reduction in audible external sounds, such as heavy rainfall and birds.


The Klober Specialist Membrane Range offers a range of solutions for all scenarios. All of our membranes are covered by a 10 year warranty against unlikely manufacturing faults, and all of our membranes are 100% recyclable.

For more information on our Specialist Membrane Range, contact your Area Sales Manager today or visit our Membranes Range page here.