Why would I buy Permo Air with Tape? Questions answered…

Here we take a look at a number of reasons why our new Permo Air with Tape is a smart choice of membrane for value, quality and ease of use...

Date: 2022-01-31

Author: Klober

Category: Product Focus

Tags: Permo Air with Tape, Permo Air

Since launching Permo Air with Tape into Klober’s membranes range back in December 2021 we’ve had all sorts of questions from our customers…

“Is it cheaper to buy Permo Air with integral tape rather than buying Permo Air PLUS additional tapes?”

“What ARE the added benefits of having an air open membrane with an integral tape?”

To talk straight, we’re asked…”WHY would I buy Permo Air with integral Tape versus without”

Great question!

Here we’re going to take a look at a number of reasons why our new Permo Air with Tape is a smart choice…

More Cost-effective

Let’s jump straight into the most common question - is Permo Air with Tape more cost-effective?
Answer, yes.

  • More cost-effective than buying tapes separately

Buying Permo Air with integral Tape on average saves you 15%* in comparison to buying Permo Air and tapes separately. Why? To cover the entire 50m length of Permo Air, you would need to purchase an additional 2 x 25m roll of tape, increasing the costs.

  • More coverage for your money

The recommended headlap for roofs above 15° for Permo Air without Tape is 150mm. However, Permo Air with integral tape is designed to be installed with a reduced 100mm headlap, giving you an additional 5% coverage area per roll**.

  • Plan your project right = less waste, more savings

Permo Air with Tape is available in 2 sizes, 1m x 50m, and 1.5m x 50m giving you the opportunity to select the optimal size membrane for your roofing project, reducing waste, having the potential for further savings.


Quicker and Easier to Install

At Klober, we like to understand the challenges and stresses our roofers may face day-to-day on their jobs, and we aim to make their lives’ easier…

“Is Permo Air with Tape easier to work with and to install?”

  • Easier to install, saving time on the job 

Whilst using adhesive tapes to seal your roofing underlay headlaps is a fairly straight forward process, it can sometimes be a little tricky up on the roof, particularly on windy day. Having the integrated tape simplifies the process, allowing you to join the headlaps adhesive to adhesive for an easy, secure installation. 

  • Easier to install in wetter conditions

Permo Air with Tape can be installed in all (reasonable) weather conditions.


Quality, Safety and Standards

Improving the roofing standards by using high quality, effective components in line with current building regs is important to us at Klober.

“Does Permo Air with Tape have any additional quality or safety benefits?”

  • BS 5534 Compliant for ‘Code of Practice for Slating and Tiling’

Following an increased number of problems with lightweight membranes ‘ballooning’, a new wind speed map of the UK was introduced in 2015. In response to this regulation it is a requirement that when installing Permo Air in a typical cold roof, without counter battens, in UK wind zones 4-5, you MUST tape your headlaps with either a membrane that has its own integral tape OR with a separate membrane adhesive tape like Permo Tape.

Remember: It is against BS 5534 requirements to secure headlaps under battens without any additional means of adhesion such as using a membrane with integral tape or separate tape in UK wind zones 4-5 in this situation.

At Klober we would encourage installers to seal their headlaps on all projects as best practice for a higher quality fix and we guarantee Permo Air with Tape will ensure BS 5534 compliance in all UK wind zones.

  • Adhesive to adhesive for a stronger seal 

Apply the integral strips to each other for a longer lasting, stronger adhesion.

Permo Air with Tape offers a high quality, cost-effective and easy-to-install solution for many roofing projetcs. Remember to ask for Permo Air with Tape at your tradecounter or contact our techincal departement today to find our more about our membrane specification and which roofing underlay is right for your project.

*based on Average Sale Prices (ASP) 2021 and using Klober recommended tape.
**based on using Permo Air with Tape (1m x 50m).