Our best-selling roof membrane, Permo Air, is now available with tape

We’ve extended our Specialist Membrane Range, as our popular air open roof membrane, Permo Air, is now available with self-adhesive tape in both roll sizes.

Date: 2021-11-01

Author: Klober

Category: Product Focus

Tags: Roofing, Membranes, Underlays, Felt, Permo Air

Last month we announced that our everyday roofing membrane, Permo Ecovent, now had more rolls on a pallet, moving from 30 to 35 on our 1.1 x 50m size, to help save our merchant customers valuable space in their warehouses. We’re pleased to say that we can now also offer our popular Permo Air, roofing membrane with self-adhesive tape.

Some of our range already comes with an option of tape included, such as Ecovent and Forte and after listening to customer feedback, we’ve now introduced a taped version in both our Permo Air sizes. The integral tape increases the membrane performance, as it creates a strong and durable weatherproof seal. Not only does this help to reduce energy loss but also provides strong protection against winds.

To meet the requirements of BS 5534, the headlap of the membrane must be secured, while the taped headlap also allows the membrane to be used in all wind zones. Whilst you can purchase tape separately for sealing laps, such as Permo Tape, our membranes with tape conveniently include this attached at the recommended position by BS 5534, of a 100mm headlap for all roof pitches. When it comes to sealing the head laps, you can simply remove the backing strips to easily seal your laps with no fuss.

Permo Air with Tape is available now in both our 1 x 50m and 1.5 x 50m rolls. View the product HERE.