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The Klober Membrane Range covers all requirements and budgets for pitched roof requirements from Everyday quality, cost-effective solutions to Specialist Membranes for more complex projects.

Date: 2023-06-19

Author: Klober

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The Klober Membrane Range covers all requirements and budgets for pitched roof requirements. Our range has both Everyday Membranes for quality cost-effective breathable membrane solutions and Specialist Membranes with unique features and benefits for more complex requirements.

Why Choose Klober’s Membrane Range?

We're in full control of our product and stock
All of Klober’s roofing membranes are developed and manufactured in our own plants across Europe. That means we’re in control from initial design, to rigorous testing, and through to merchant delivery.

Certifications and Standards
All of our membranes are UKCA and CE marked, and where necessary our range has a number of solutions that have BBA certification. Klober always aims for its products to meet the strictest standards using regulation bodies and its own technical centers - that’s why we’re known to have the highest quality and most trustworthy products on the market.

Made from recycled material
In our range, the fleeces of Eco 110, Ultra 120, Ultra 145 and Forte 145 are made from up to 30% recycled material. Not only that, but all Klober Membranes are fully recyclable.

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The Klober Membrane Range | Every Roof Covered

The Range

Our range boasts a number of solutions for every budget and requirement. Starting with our Eco 110 lightweight membrane, through to our newest Ultra 120 breather membrane for affordable quality and Ultra 145 for when you need an everyday membrane solution for most common roofing scenarios - these three membranes make up our Everyday Membrane Range, offering quality solutions at an affordable price.

Eco 110
Value Everyday

Ultra 120
Mid-weight Everyday

Ultra 145
High Quality Everyday

We also have our Specialist Membrane Range with solutions for complex roofing requirements.

Permo Forte 145
Extra Strength

Take Permo Forte 145. Its 4-layers, and central grid to reinforce its structure, offer unrivaled strength, safety and durability, making it not only ideal for more extreme weather conditions, but highly resistant to accidental damage and annoying nail tears.

Permo Air 160
Most Breathable

Our most breathable solution, we have Permo Air 160.  As the UK’s most breathable BBA approved membrane you can say goodbye to additional roof ventilation such as tile vents, eaves, and ridge ventilation, saving you time and money.

Permo Extreme 200
Low Pitch Roofs

Permo Extreme 200 is a membrane engineered for low pitch roofs. A non-permeable membrane, Extreme 200 is a great solution when a lower building height is required, and is suitable to use on roofs as low as 12.5 degrees. Extreme also scores particularly well in the area of heat resistance. A special coating not only ensures high protection against water penetration, but also gives the fleece high resistance to extreme temperatures - and performs particularly well when installed under solar panels.

Permo Sec 400
Metal Roofs

For metal standing seam roofs, we have Permo Sec 400. With a breathable fleece and wire mesh, Sec 400 is a waterproofing and drainage layer for metal standing-seam roofs. The wire mesh works particularly well at creating a drainage channel for condensation run off, reducing the risk of white metal rust forming. The unique wire mesh also supports the reduction in audible external sounds, such as heavy rainfall and birds.


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