Meet The Product: Klober's New Video Series

Our Meet the Product videos will form part of a new wider video strategy to give more support to Klober customers and installers.

Date: 2021-07-28

Author: Klober

Category: Product Focus

Tags: Klober, 6m Ridge Kit, Ventilation, Ridge & Hip

Introducing Klober’s New Meet the Product video series, presented by UK Portfolio Manager, Nick King.

Our Meet the Product videos will form part of a new wider strategy to give more support, information and advice to Klober customers and installers online.

Nick, who is placed front and centre of our latest video series has been working at Klober for eight and a half years, starting out in our Sales Team and progressing into his current role as UK Portfolio Manger. He has a wide range of expertise, product and installation knowledge, and also leads Klober's training events, making him the ideal person to share all the features and benefits of our products with you.

To support our new 6m Dry Ridge Kit which was launched back in April 2021, we revealed our first Meet the Product video, introducing the 6m Dry Ridge System. 

In this video, Nick explains that the kits have been launched into Klober's product range to sit alongside our popular Roll Fix family of products. Going into more detail, Nick shows the contents of our 6m Dry Ridge Kits, showing the Ridge Batten Straps, 100mm stainless steel screws, washers, clamping plates, Universal Seals for clay and concrete ridge and hip application - and of course the main component, the roll.

The roll included in this kit has perforations down the main body of it, allowing air to ventilate at the top level of the roof, supporting BS2520 for ventilation and BS8612 for performance. 

Nick also highlights our new branded packaging, which makes our product stand out at the tradecounter, and the Installation Guide included with the pack to support our customers with the installation process.

Following the success of the first video, we launched a second sharing the features and benefits of our Roll Fix Universal and Roll Fix Concrete Ridge and Hip Kits.

In this video Nick shows the components that make up the pack, before unrolling the Roll to highlight the high quality breathable felt that forms the body of the roll. Taking a closer look, Nick also demonstrates the corrugated aluminium side strips, which allows the roll to be fixed onto a much deeper pantile, and the butyl-backed strips, which allow for a strong, long-lasting fix.

As we continue to develop our digital offering, you can expect to see more regular videos being published, including more Meet the Product videos and a series of Installation Videos to be released later on in 2021. 

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